Learn to Harvest Stories of Life Change
at a FREE StoryDrive Live Workshop

Thanks to our generous ministry partners, StoryDrive is offering a limited number of no-cost, online workshops, as well as hands-on workshops for church and lay leaders who desire to:

1) produce compelling video testimonies without buying fancy equipment, adding staff, or hiring professional video contractors. 

2) encourage and inspire people to actually want to share their story

3) discover practical ways to help them move from "scared to prepared" and "private to public"

4) experience what it feels and looks like to share part of their own story in front of a camera (optional!)

5) get a taste of what it would be like serving as a volunteer in their church as a story harvester

Those that attend will be connected to a community of like-minded and like-hearted folks who desire to see stories being cultivated, harvested, and shared on a perpetual basis for God's glory.

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StoryDrive is a long overdue answer to prayer in a digital age. It’s not a program, or a service, it’s a discipleship process that moves God’s people from ‘scared to prepared’ in sharing their faith. But not only that, it exponentially increases the exposure of their stories for Gospel results we could only dream about a decade ago.
— Scott Smith, Georgia Baptist Mission Board