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StoryDrive, an outreach ministry of The 3:15 Project, intentionally, continually, and pervasively encourages, empowers and equips Christians to know and share their story wholeheartedly.

StoryDrive is a collective of churches, businesses, schools, community non-profits, and generous monthly financial supporters, cooperating to harvest stories of life change on video, and unleash them in the community, and to the ends of the earth.

“I’m a huge believer in helping leaders steward their time and resources.   Storydrive gives organizations of any size an efficient and effective way to empower their people to share their story, outside the walls of the church, with professionalism and authenticity.” 
— Bryan Miles, BELAY
StoryDrive will take you on a spiritual journey which will bring you closer to Christ. It is a great experience and the next step in growing your ministry.
— Charlie Paparelli, President, High Tech Ministries
“StoryDrive is a unique and important offering. What it’s able to provide in terms of its reach and impact is priceless.”
— Chris Collinson, Connect Meetings
“Very few churches in America have the equipment and personnel resources, as well as expertise, to do what StoryDrive can do. Regardless of your church’s size, I encourage you to utilize this tremendous resource that StoryDrive offers.”
— Billy Phenix, North Point Church