Help Your Church Come Alive Through the Power of Story

StoryDrive provides churches of any size a practical, proven, and step-by-step framework to grow and transform through the power of personal story.


StoryDrive helps your church navigate through the many obstacles and the barriers that keep stories from flowing inside and outside your church.

This isn’t another program or campaign. This is a new way (actually it’s a very old way) of thinking and behaving that infuses storytelling and story sharing into the DNA of your church to advance your mission, and help make your vision reality. It’s not easy, but it’s not complicated. It’s a process, and we want to share it with you, help you implement it, and walk with you.

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The Problem & Opportunity

“I’m a huge believer in helping leaders steward their time and resources.   Storydrive gives organizations of any size an efficient and effective way to empower their people to share their story, outside the walls of the church, with professionalism and authenticity.” 
— Bryan Miles, BELAY