“I’m a huge believer in helping leaders steward their time and resources.
StoryDrive gives churches of any size an efficient and effective way to empower their people to share their story, outside the walls of the church, with professionalism and authenticity.”
— Bryan Miles, BELAY




StoryDrive is extending invitations to select churches and ministries to be part of our pilot program for upcoming 2018-2019 season.   This program helps churches grow and advance their mission and vision by empowering their people to know and tell their story, and harvest them on video to be shared using the the internet and social media.


  • access to a growing set of tools and resources to get your stories of life change to the world!
  • invitations to private workshops, labs, and harvesting (filming) dates
  • beta access to our "Steps of Courage" group study and training
  • opportunities for volunteers and lay people to gain experience filming and editing stories
  • opportunities for people from your church to have their story filmed


To serve our partners with excellence and achieve the best results, we are only accepting a small number of churches.  All churches will be required to make a nominal investment in themselves.  

Limited matching grants are also available through The 3:15 Project and other strategic partners for qualified churches who apply early! 

"StoryDrive is a long overdue answer to prayer in a digital age. It’s not a program, or a service, it’s a discipleship process that moves God’s people from ‘scared to prepared’ in sharing their faith. But not only that, it exponentially increases the exposure of their stories for Gospel results we could only dream about a decade ago."

Scott Smith, Georgia Baptist Mission Board

“StoryDrive has tremendous power to unleash a fresh wind of evangelism within and beyond the United Methodist Church.”

Larry Malone
President of the World Fellowship of Methodists

The 3:15 Project and Storydrive is very powerful. It’s right at the heart of the Great Commission, sharing the Gospel, penetrating darkness, and growing believers.”

Tommy Ferrell
Lead Pastor, Briarlake Church, Decatur, GA

"The 3:15 Project is filling a HUGE need in the Church and I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity ."

Carmen Fowler LaBerge
President, Layman.org

“StoryDrive gets Christians out of the pews and onto the battlefield.”

Walt Wilson
Global Media Outreach

“Very few churches in America have the equipment and personnel resources, as well as expertise, to do what StoryDrive can do. Regardless of your church’s size, I encourage you to utilize this tremendous resource that StoryDrive offers.”

Billy Phenix
Lead Pastor, Buckhead Church, Atlanta, GA

“I’m excited for our students to gain valuable experience directing, filming, and editing the stories, More than that, I’m thrilled for students to be impacted by the testimonies in way that promotes real spiritual growth and leadership capacity. I’m thankful for the StoryDrive vision and desire to impact our community in this way.” 

Scott Harsh
President, Greater Atlanta Christian School

"StoryDrive is primed to play an even bigger role in the time ahead as the Church seeks to carry out the call to actively engage in the new evangelization."

Father John Riccardo
Our Lady of Good Counsel, Plymomuth MI

"I'm a huge believer in the impact of StoryDrive. I have seen first hand how it helps draw people closer to Jesus, and each other."

Fritz Weise
Pastor, Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran

“I believe that God is moving in and through, StoryDrive and have witnessed how it helps people come into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.”  

Scott MacLellan
CEO, Touchpoint Services

"I believe StoryDrive's willingness and ability to train young people to film and harvest stories within their local communities and churches would be a catalyst for an exponential movement of evangelism and discipleship within the local Church."

Dennis Nunn
Every Believer a Witness


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