The Storydrive Academy is designed to give young people and adults the opportunity to serve, worship and learn practical skills through the art and craft of storytelling.

Why We Launched Storydrive Academy

Every believer has a story worth telling that someone needs to hear.
Even the most well-resourced and biggest churches are leaving 99% of their members' stories untold and unleashed due to a lack of resources (time and talent).  Ironically, every church, every school, and every community has young students who are willing and eager to use their gifts and talents who are left on the sidelines. Storydrive Academy is a way to connect the dots and help more stories be harvested and shared.

The StoryDrive Academy helps equip and empower young people and adults who have a heart for worship, and a willingness to serve in their school, local church, and in the community. 

We provide hands on training in all aspects of producing videos and harvesting compelling stories emphasizing cooperation, collaboration, and servant leadership.

The Storydrive Academy is currently open to select men and women ages 16 and up through an application and audition process. 

The Storydrive Academy is located in Cumming Georgia (about 45 minutes north of Atlanta), with additional locations in development. Storydrive helps people know and share their hope in Christ through harvesting stories of life change in God’s love (Psalm 107:2).  

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