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Driving Growth By
Harvesting & Sharing Stories

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It seems like our entire culture has gone crazy for stories.  Actually, it's always been that way since humans have existed.  And while the idea of sharing stories has almost become cliche, we aren't even scratching the surface of harnessing their power to drive greater growth and transformation. 

For church leaders hungry to see their people and their church grow, for leaders who know that change is necessary for survival, this ebook offers a unique perspective to inspire,  share lessons learned, and a vision for a preferred future of the Church.

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“Storydrive gets Christians out of the pews and onto the battlefield.”

Walt Wilson
Global Media Outreach

“Very few churches in America have the equipment and personnel resources, as well as expertise, to do what Storydrive can do. Regardless of your church’s size, I encourage you to utilize this tremendous resource that The 3:15 Project offers.”

Billy Phenix, Buckhead Church,
North Point Ministries
Atlanta, GA

"I'm a huge believer in the impact of The 3:15 Project. I have seen first hand how it helps draw people closer to Jesus, and each other."

Fritz Weise
Pastor, Christ Our Shepherd Lutheran

“I believe that God is moving in and through The 3:15 Project and have witnessed how it helps people come into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.”  

Scott MacLellan
CEO, Touchpoint Services

"I believe Storydrive's willingness and ability to train young people to film and harvest stories within their local communities and churches would be a catalyst for an exponential movement of evangelism and discipleship within the local Church."

Dennis Nunn
Every Believer a Witness